Program Information

Call for Papers - Bridging the Gap from Data to Value

  • Open: May 1, 2018
  • Close: July 9, 2018

Notification of Acceptance in early September. 

Bridging the Gap from Data to Value. Following on the heels of the 33rd ISS, the 35th ISS seeks to further review data collection and its implicit connection to value-based care. Presentations highlighting this theme, as well as, new research and standards in clinical application settings are preferred. The ISS seeks the highest quality of presenters and presentations; therefore please ensure your submitted abstract has not been presented at another conference. 

The ISS is the leading educational and scientific conference in the field of wheelchair seating and mobility as well as, related technologies. The 35th ISS expects to host over 3,000 national and international attendees representing multiple countries and backgrounds. The Symposium will include scientific and clinical papers, research forums, in-depth workshops, and panel sessions. Presentations should address wheeled mobility and seating challenges, in addition to, solutions for people with disabilities across the lifespan. Conditions such as neuromuscular disorders, spinal cord injury and diseases of the spinal cord, orthopedic disorders, systemic conditions, obesity, and polytrauma.

Our Call for Papers will seek:

  • 1-hour courses
  • 4-hour Pre-Conference Courses
  • 8-hour Pre-Conference Courses
  • Posters
  • Papers (15 min session)

All submissions will require:

  • Abstract
  • Measurable Learning Objectives
  • Timely and Appropriate References (APA Format)


If accepted, further requirements will entail.

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